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Why choose Fairtrade?

This Bitter Orange Souffles Glaces recipe was created by Divine Heavenly Chocolate Recipes and they truly are heavenly!

orange souffles

The orange souffles are encased in individual handmade dark chocolate cases. They were created by coating melted chocolate inside the cupcake cases.  The orange flavoured frozen mousse was simple to make, the ingredients were whipped together and put in the individual cases and placed in the freezer overnight.

Orange souffles

Divine have many more tasty recipes that you can access for free at
So go and check them out.

I tasted these bitter orange souffles on New Year’s eve made by my auntie, who alongside her husband and her three daughters (my gorgeous cousins) only buy and eat Fairtrade chocolate. I, myself, go for Fairtrade when I’m buying chocolate but I still can’t resist eating chocolate that unfortunately isn’t Fairtrade certified. However, I always buy Fairtrade bananas and sugar. As the years have passed since they first started only eating Fairtrade choc, it has gotten a lot easier as more and more chocolate companies are going with Fairtrade. However, there is still a long way to go to get Fairtrade more widely recognised and used. So why should we be buying Fairtrade?

“Fairtrade supports farmers and workers in gaining more from trade and through this they are empowered to control their lives. It is an alternative approach that is based on partnership; one between those who grow our food and those that consume it.”

  • Fairtrade helps the farmers become more income secure and less vulnerable to poverty.
    -Divine Chocolate in particular has 45% of its company owned by their farmers. So as well as the farmers receiving a fair deal for their cocoa, they also get an additional income from the investment shares.
  • Participating farmers feel a sense of control with greater power and voice.

There are over 4500 Fairtrade certified products ranging from sugar, bananas, cottons, flowers and many more, and not forgetting CHOCOLATE!

So when it comes to buying these products, maybe we should be spending a few more pennies and going to Fairtrade. We can enjoy our chocolate and know those growing the ingredients are getting a fair price and enjoying what they do.

Also if you want to get involved with the Fairtrade campaign, have a look on their website for more details on what you can do.

So look out for this sign!Fairtrade


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