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Chocolate Marble Cupcake… A Recipe

I do love to bake cupcakes. They are fairly quick and simple to make and you can easily experiment with flavours and styles. Yesterday I decided to create some chocolate marble cupcakes with milk chocolate butter cream and I thought I’d share my recipe with you lovely people. This recipe makes around 12 cupcakes.   … Continue reading Chocolate Marble Cupcake… A Recipe

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Serious Brownie Points…

So my eldest brother, Andrew, had been nagging me to make him a batch of brownies for months and months. A couple of months ago, I gave in to his nagging and made blondies (white chocolate brownies). However, we were all quite disappointed. The blondies tasted great but just didn’t taste or feel like brownies… Continue reading Serious Brownie Points…

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Giant Chocolatey Cupcakeness!!

I was in Chocolate cupcake heaven this weekend. My friend asked me to make her sister’s birthday cake. I was thrilled that she had thought to ask me, so of course I accepted :). The brief was “something chocolatey“ So we decided on a giant chocolate cupcake with lots of buttercream. I do love a… Continue reading Giant Chocolatey Cupcakeness!!