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Giant Chocolatey Cupcakeness!!

I was in Chocolate cupcake heaven this weekend.

My friend asked me to make her sister’s birthday cake. I was thrilled that she had thought to ask me, so of course I accepted :).

The brief was “something chocolatey

So we decided on a giant chocolate cupcake with lots of buttercream. I do love a giant cupcake creation and I hadn’t baked one in over a year, so I was excited to start it.

Giant Cupcake    Giant Chocolate Birthday Cupcake    Chocolate

I made a chocolate sponge mix, baked it in my giant cupcake mould and waited patiently for it to cook (they take forever to bake).

The middle was filled with chocolate buttercream and melted white chocolate and the bottom of the cupcake had a white and milk chocolate fingers case. I piped chocolate buttercream roses and covered the top with loads of chocolate. It was Chocolate Heaven!

I was slightly envious of all the chocolate so I decided to make a smaller batch of chocolate sponge mix and bake some cupcakes (normal size!) for me and my family.

Chocolate Cupcakes     Chocolate     Chocolate Cupcakes

So my weekend has truly been filled with chocolate!!

Chocolate Cupcakes


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