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Easter treats…

Happy Easter everyone!

This week I’ve been busy creating some Easter inspired treats to share with my friends and family.

Having two weeks Easter holidays I have plenty of time to get baking and created three bakes to share with everyone.

The first bake is the Maltesers chocolate cupcakes. I found this recipe on YouTube ( I used mini Malteaster Bunnies for the top instead of just Maltesers. These cupcakes were gorgeous. The chocolate sponge was light and fluffy with a hint of malt and the butter cream was just amazing. The crushed Maltesers was a great addition. I managed to make too much butter cream and there was plenty left over, so my mum and I just had to ‘try’ some :).

Malteaster bunnies malteaster bunnies cupcakes

malteaster bunny Malteaster bunny Easter cupcakes

The second bake was a cake I found on The Cake Blog ( I created the cake with my own vanilla sponge recipe and made my chocolate butter cream. The fun (and rather messy) part was melting the marshmallow. The recipe used melted marshmallow and cocoa powder to create a ‘basket weave’ effect around the cake. After trying to make my own green sugar for the ‘grass’ and failing, I popped to the shops and found some green sugar sand and used that on top of the cake to house the mini eggs.

Basket weave cake   Easter CakeEaster Chick and mini eggs

For the final bake I made some vanilla cupcakes and chocolate butter cream with mini eggs, using the left over vanilla sponge mixture and chocolate butter cream. I made 6 cupcakes and gave them to my cousins as an Easter gift.

chocolate mini egg cupcakes Mini egg cupcakes

But Easter isn’t really about chocolate and Easter bunnies (even though chocolate is great), there is a bigger reason behind this holiday and that is Jesus! Jesus died on the cross for us, “God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.“- 2 Corinthians 5:21. And three days later, Jesus rose from the grave to break sin and to bring forgiveness and eternal life. Jesus’ death and resurrection shows us how much God loves us.

I hope you all enjoyed your long Easter weekend and made and ate some lovely Easter treats!


2 thoughts on “Easter treats…

  1. Wow, all your ideas are simply amazing and gorgeous! Your photos got me flabbergasted 😍 This post has just exceeded the maximum level of adorableness!


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