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A Vegan Wedding

Just over 2 years ago, I made my first wedding cake for my brother and sister in law. I loved the experience and the cake was great! Last weekend, I was fortunate to make another special wedding cake for my cousin, Ian, and his wife, Robyn. However, this wedding cake was a bit different from the first one. This one needed to be vegan!!

Robyn asked me if  I would like to make the wedding cake, way back in April and I of course said yes and was flattered that I was asked. Only after I accepted did I start to think ‘Vegan?, how do I do Vegan?’ What’s a cake without eggs?’ Well I had 6 months to research and practice a vegan cake to perfect!

After a little research, I decided on replacing eggs with Chia seeds and Soya yogurt and I replaced butter with margarine (free of buttermilk) and oil. It took me a couple of different recipes I’d found online and a few changes to the right recipe to get the best Lemon Vegan cake possible!

I found countless tips from various websites and Pinterest was a close friend! Some of the tips to make a good vegan cake included; mixing the sugar and butter for a longer time than usual, prepare the Chia seed yogurt mix in plenty of time, and not doubling the recipe, which meant for such a big cake, I’d have to make many over and over! The baking of the cake was the longest and most difficult part, but once I got all the sponges cooked and ready, it was time to decorate.

With the bride’s Pinterest page and verbal input, we came up with a semi-naked cake with dark, ‘sexy‘ fruits and Rosemary and Thyme to go around the cake. The decorating of the cake was fairly straight forward, and I had to leave a lot of it until the wedding day where I was able to set up the 3 tiers at the reception venue.

Not having the biggest confidence in myself, I spent most of the night before awake worrying that the cake might not taste nice, or might fall apart while the ceremony was happening, or I might not get the decoration quite right, topped off with worrying about the cat not coming home (out all night 🙂 ). However, once getting to the venue early in the morning, setting the cake and seeing the table arrangements, I was relieved that maybe I had got the cake right! Now I had to wait for everyone to taste it and for the bride’s seal of approval.

The wedding day was beautiful and the ceremony was charming and quaint . The venue looked amazing when the sun went down, the fairy lights and candles provided the perfect finishing touch.  After drinking lots and eating a delicious vegan paella, it was time for the cake. The cake was cut by the newlyweds and then taken away to be cut for the guests. I was amazed at how well the cake held its shape when they came out on plates. The speeches started and I looked round the room to see if anyone was eating their slice of cake, but to find out that no forks had been given out :o. This didn’t bother any of my family on my table and we all got stuck in, and to my relief, the cake was gorgeous! It was light, lemony and cake like! That’s all I could have dreamed of and I just hoped everyone else enjoyed the cake as much as I did!  dsc_0193I’m very proud of what I was able to do and I’m grateful that I was trusted to make such a special cake. Thank you Ian and Robyn! It’s given me a boost in my confidence in baking and has given me a greater desire to do more.

So I’m back with my baking blog, and I hope you enjoy reading this and many more to come!



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