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Christmas Treats

Wow, the past couple of weeks has flown by and its already Christmas Eve!! 😮

So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy baking away, making Christmassy treats for my friends and family. I’ve ventured out of the cakes too, by making dough and pastry treats. I was determined to make something other than cakes myself this year and here was my chance!

One December evening, I cooked dinner for my friends, creating a Garlic dough ball Christmas tree, ( so good I had to make it again a few nights after. After the delish main, there was a very orangey and chocolatey Terry’s Orange Chocolate cheesecake, which went down a storm!

A few nights later, I cooked dinner for my best friends Charlotte and Sasha and a second Garlic dough ball Christmas tree made an appearance along with a Nutella and Mascarpone  puff pastry Christmas tree. I found a recipe on Pinterest, (–pastry-christmas-tree.aspx) but made my own puff pastry and added Mascarpone which went perfectly with the Nutella.

As a little Christmas treat for my friends at work, I made a Christmas Rocky Road. Packed full of jelly beans, glace cherries and crushed candy canes, along with the Rocky Road originals marshmallow, chocolate and rich tea biscuits.

And last but not least, I of course made my annual Gingerbread house, with a few little added features, such as stained glass windows and a humongous Christmas tree outside.

So now I’m putting my feet up and counting down the hours till Christmas Day!

What has everyone else been baking/creating this Christmas Period?

And last of all,

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!



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